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Ontario, Canada
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Wolfmaan is an adventurer, outdoor educator, and film maker.

Wolfmaan has Diplomas in Recreation & Leisure services, Wildlife Forestry Conservation as well as Police Foundations. Other certifications include Private Pilots License (PPL), Rescue Scuba Diver, Day Hike Leader, Wilderness Medic, and Leave No Trace specialist.

Travelling extensively through North America and parts of Europe, Wolfmaan has visited some of the most unusual and remote places in the world.

Teaching, filming, and writing about the outdoors is his passion. For several years, he served as a hike leader for Brock University.

Wolfmaan has worked for some of the most prestigious outdoor education facilities in North America including Easter Seals Camps, The YMCA, Youth Leadership Camps Canada, and Heartland Forest

Inspired by…

  • Les Stroud, Cody Lundin, Brett Rogers

Favorite Genres

  • Outdoor Reality TV

Favorite Films

  • 7 Days In Hell, Survivorman, Dual Survival, Mountain Men

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