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Innsbruck, Austria
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We all started our visual journey being climbers, skiers and skaters living life to its fullest and expressing ourselves through sport and its lifestyle. This inspired a creative process and we began to document those things we were so fascinated about until we found ourselves obsessed with film work and photography. In 2010 our paths crossed by chance and we ended up doing our first ski movie together. Since then we have travelled the world capturing intensive moments and discovering new grounds in some of earths most remote places. On this journey we have learnt a lot about creative vision, teamwork, suffering and friendship. Empowered from these experiences we are now striving to show our passion for nature, people, and their weirdest interactions on film and photo. Whiteroom Productions has become a full service production company that specialises in creating memorable film, TV, digital and commercial content.

Inspired by…

  • People and their interactions with nature

Favorite Genres

  • Documentation, Action Sports, Mountain Film

Favorite Films

  • Time - for the Whiteroom
  • For a few Lines more
  • Tien Shan - A Kyrgyz Ski Adventure
  • From A to K and BaCk again
  • Trial & Error
  • When the Mountains were wild
  • No more Limits
  • Big Trouble in a tiny tent