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Willowcreek Entertainment is a diversified and a multiple award winning film production company founded in 1999 by Garry Pastore.
In 2016 Willowcreek produced “Almost Paris” which was screened at both The Tribeca and Cannes Film Festivals to capacity audiences. The film was helmed by Domenica Scorsese as her first feature and looking at a 2017 release.
Who’s Jenna the riotous hit comedy feature, by Tom Baldinger, was also a big hit for Willowcreek Entertainment in 2016.
Previously, the films Destressed and Waiting for Budd were “in house” produced and directed films garnering a dozen awards between them.
Willowcreek Entertainment is always looking for the next big hit. Currently we are co-producing "Sarah Q" by filmmaker John Gallanger. The company currently owns 10 feature screenplays in their archives and they are constantly looking for new investors or co-collaborators.

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  • Inspired by dialy life. Have a look on garrypastore.com and look for quotes tab to see what inspires us.