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  1. Journey to Mars

    Journey to Mars

    Take an epic trip to the red planet

  2. Career Opportunities in Organized Crime

    Career Opportunities in Organized Crime

    Want to figure out whether a life in the mafia is for you? Let Vova, Baltimore's local Russian mob boss, try to convince you to join in the first ever feature length virtual reality movie.

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  3. The Drop | A Wingsuit VR Experience

    The Drop | A Wingsuit VR Experience

    Watch Graham Dickinson and Dario Zanan jumo from a helicopter and dive head first into the unknown.

  4. 11:57


    11:57 is a short virtual reality horror film made for Oculus Rift and Mobile.

  5. Inside Trump's America

    Inside Trump's America

    This is the ultimate Trump rally experience in 360.

  6. Rethinking Cuba

    Rethinking Cuba

    Obama's historic visit to Cuba

  7. Interrupture


    Interrupture” is a true story that transports you into the escape of two 11-year-old girls from Syria and their fateful, serendipitous friendship after being threatened by ISIS.

  8. Chairway To Heaven

    Chairway To Heaven

    A 360° Ski and Snowboard Film. Ride through the clouds, enjoy the view and tour the uncrowded slopes of the Monashee Mountains in B.C. Canada.

  9. Solar System 360 Degree Tour!

    Solar System 360 Degree Tour!

    Take a 360 degree virtual tour of our Solar System, with the help of everyone’s favorite (bad) astronomer—and Crash Course host—Phil Plait!

  10. Hello Play

    Hello Play

    Phenomena Labs collabarated with director Greg Barth to create this promotional video for Hello Play, a Belgian online electronic music platform.



    Across the gulf of space, intellects vast, cool and unsympathetic, regarded our planet with envious eyes, and slowly drew their plans against us. And, so, early in the 21st century there came the gre...

  12. Welcome to Aleppo

    Welcome to Aleppo

    This immersive short — the first ever VR film from a war zone — was shot on the war-ravaged streets of Aleppo

  13. Inside the Chamber of Horrors

    Inside the Chamber of Horrors

    18+ The creepiest virtual reality experience!

  14. ASHES


    Playing with movement, space and time, ASHES tells the tragic story of two lovers told specifically for 360 headset environment.

  15. Black Hole

    Black Hole

    360° Monoscopic Video

  16. Longing For Wilderness

    Longing For Wilderness

    'Longing for Wilderness' takes you from the noisy city trough the slowly transforming forest to a wild and airy landscape.

  17. Lock Your Doors

    Lock Your Doors

    “Lock Your Doors” touches on the universal fear of having an invader in your home. A young girl forgets to lock her door, which isn’t the best of ideas as she is soon to come face to face with a mask...

  18. Women of MotoAmerica: Caroline Olsen

    Women of MotoAmerica: Caroline Olsen

    Race like a girl!