Mario Mattei

Director | Filmmaker | Cinematographer  


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Austin, Texas
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Mario Mattei, director & cinematographer, is a “people-person” based in Austin, Texas who stays busy making videos for brands & documentaries for impact.

His globe-trotting documentary work has taken him to distinctive locations such as Turkey, Kashmir, Malawi, Kazakstan, Jordan, Indonesia & more. Mario has directed, filmed, & edited his feature documentary, Dance the Past into the Future, which explores the dying traditions of northeast Turkey yet focuses on cultural elements inspiring future generations.

Mario's Commercial background in digital branding, motion graphics, copywriting, & design for clients such as Ford,, Mazda, & various ad agencies, also contribute to a colorful pallet of experience.

Clients typically hire Mario to help them express their story or message in a way that engages & inspires action. Often clients rely on Mario's 17 years of photographic experience to give their project the cinematic visuals it needs. Clients who work with Mario have also benefitted from his proficiencies gained through writing short stories, a novel, & through publishing hundreds of minutes of documentary & reality video.

Mario is passionate about contributing to the common good of humanity & about adding value to good companies.