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Tucker, Georgia USA
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An Actress/Singer, Betsy Goodrich has done it all.
Whether playing a gutsy runaway stray, playing a Marvel Superheroine like Ms. Marvel, Being A Grady High School Band Booster, A Baseball Fan at Turner Field or even being America's Singing Crimefighter, DangerWoman, who has been on The Power Rangers as their ally, teaming up with other real life superheroes or even helping Feedback out, Betsy Goodrich is a very powerful force in the world of The Reelhouse!
She was also the subject of a movie herself, called Disabled But Able To Rock and was also instrumental in helping Four Days At Dragon Con win an Emmy Award, while getting the word out nationally on the Facebook.

She is also a singer, who has done 9 albums as of this writing and you can find her on IMDB, Viemo.Com,, GooglePlay and ITunes Worldwide!

Inspired by…

  • I was inspired by William Katt to make acting and singing my calling in the real world.

Favorite Genres

  • Anime, Sentai, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, American Animation, Superhero Movies.

Favorite Films

  • Anything that is part of the Disney/Marvel/ABC/Star Wars/Muppets Universe, Anything from the DC/Warner Bros Universe, Carrie (The 1976 and the Updated Versions in 2003 and 2013), Anything from the NBC/Comcast/Universal Universe, Any Anime from Toei, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.

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