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The Story of Gao Zhisheng  


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Transcending Fear: The Story of Gao Zhisheng is a production of New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television. Headquartered in New York City, NTD serves more than 100 million potential viewers in China and around the world. In 2001, NTD was founded with the goal of reporting on what other Chinese TV networks would not. NTD fills an important void in Chinese language media, boldly investigating topics like abuses of power and human rights violations, and making this information available both inside and outside China.

Inspired by…

  • Gao is not a superman without any fear. Targeted by the ruthless persecution machine of Chinese communist party (CCP), he was crushed again and again. However, whenever he has chance, he would gather his energy and stand up again, waging another battle against injustice.

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  • documentary, drama

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  • Winter's Bone, Schindler's List, Les Misérables (1998)

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