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Thomas Marcum is the Owner of Zombie Media Publishing.
Zombie Media publishes and distributes books, films and various other items. Films may range from classic movies to documentary films, we deliver them to numerous streaming services and to DVD and Blu-Ray.
We work closely with authors, writers, creators and directors to deliver your project to market.
We currently have films playing in over 80 different countries! We also market your finished product on various social media sites and more traditional websites and blogs.
We can do exclusive and non exclusive agreements.
Make sure to visit our online store and website
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Inspired by…

  • the unknown, films, film making, outdoors, and many more things

Favorite Genres

  • Horror, Action, Comedy, Documentary

Favorite Films

  • All Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, The Andy Griffith Show, 300, The Mask,

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