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Prominent in the lyrics of his groundbreaking “Triumphant K-12,” Tahir Jahi proclaims, “Now, my life I define.” And, in so doing, lays out his heart, passion hard-earned self-knowledge to be witnessed as one might do with a trusted friend. Tahir is a deeply talented Hip-Hop artist who began rhyming at the age of twelve in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when he started the group Visions from the 3rd Eye. This affiliation resulted in his first release, “Visions from the Third Eye.”

While finishing high school, his popularity soared as he progressed from local rhyming-battle competitions to performing live. He mastered his unique style, laid down tracks, and honed his distinctive stand-out, and stand-alone, microphone style.

Tahir is a writer/producer/director/artist who lives, breathes and flourishes within the universe of his musical poetry. He is cool and collected, socially conscious, intelligent and unafraid to speak out about societal issues – even using comedy to add the right amount of perspective. His Conscious Material t-shirt line features the slogan “Got Melanin” which not only delivers a spot-on social commentary, but has enough sly humor to indicate Tahir is high on life.

“Life has influenced us all in many different ways so I write down all my experiences and share them with whoever is listening.” – Tahir Wilson

And who is listening? B-Gyrl from B-gyrl.com, Paradise (X-Clan), Chuck D (Public Enemy), Canibus, Shanice are a few notables in Tahir’s ever-expanding base of fans who enjoy conscious hip hop poets.

His self-produced, politically conscious, life poetry music ranges from, “Da Sunshine,” “Fast Food”, “K-12 Triumphant with lyrics by Tahir Jahi,” and “Man Makes the Money”. He also produced a new video called, “Frustration” which features Donyelle Jones from Season 3, “So You Think You Can Dance” with Flex Alexander from “One on One” and “Snakes on the Plane”. 2,000,000 YouTube viewers ensure that his work is ready for prime time and already has an eager audience.

Tahir is always working on new musical projects and upcoming album releases while fronting Race Card with Damian Hagger – a Hip-Hop/Rock band – widely known and sought-after in Japan. He hosts his own video and radio show on urbanOMS.com and runs Baddance.com with his fiancé, Donyelle Jones.

Tahir was featured on Shanice’s album “Every Woman Dreams” as a writer/producer, and has had the privilege of working with many “A-list” artists such as: The Grand Arkitech Traxtitioner Paradise (from the group X Clan), Shanice, Prince Po (from Organized Konfusion), Sheila E, J. Sands (of Lone Catalysts), Jasiri X, Trenyce Cobbins (finalist on American Idol), Benji Schwimmer (Winner of SYTYCD Season 3) and Flex Alexander (One on One and Snakes on the Plane) .

His Industry relationships include Music Tech companies such as Mp3.com, Emusic, Get Music Rollingstone.com, Universal Music who recognize his online marketing and promotion skills.

Tahir Jahi – conscious rhymes delivered with exceptional talent. Feed your mind and enjoy a musical experience that enlightens and entertains.

Interested in more information or an artist e-kit? Ask him… he’s all heart and passion – tahir@tahirjahi.com

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