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Seattle, Washington
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STEFAN HAJEK (Producer) is a professional SAG-AFTRA actor, an ASCAP musician, a film producer, and a visual artist. Acting credits include more than 30 film/television roles, including Dawson's Creek, Eden, Brightwood, and I Am, as well as more than 20 regional theatre lead roles. Behind the camera, Stefan has worked as a Producer, UPM, First AD, and Music Supervisor. He has produced three features, nine short films, and several music videos. In 2012, in addition to acting as Producer on the films What Lies Between Us, Turning Point, and Decimation, he is also worked as co-producer on the dramatic feature, Heart of the Country, and is slated to produce and act in the suspense feature film, Interpreters. He has released four albums as a musician, with music placement in major studio and independent films and television series. More at

Inspired by…

  • David Fincher, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Kathryn Bigelow, Megan Griffiths, David Michôd, Guy Ritchie, David O. Russell, Paul Thomas Anderson, Cameron Crowe, Pierre Morel, Luc Besson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Christ, Ghandi, Buddha, MLK Jr

Favorite Genres

  • True Stories, Crime, Thrillers, Real/Gritty Dramas

Favorite Films

  • Fight Club, Amelie, Snatch, Almost Famous, Animal Kingdom, Invincible, Constant Gardner, Food Inc, The Godfather, Braveheart, The Cove

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