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Shawn Reeder Visual Artist
Photographer ~ Timelapse Cinematographer ~ Filmmaker

I've always loved the outdoors, and had my life changed forever by winning a trip to Yosemite when I was 18. Instantly I knew that I'd found my new home, the Sierra Nevada; so majestically represented by one of it's grandest valleys. What a wonderful introduction to "The Range of Light", a place that has captured my heart, and provides a lifetime's worth of places to explore, photograph, and just be.

Having hiked, climbed, explored, photographed, filmed, and basked in the glory of these mountains; I've developed a deep love for the High Sierra and all it's subtleties of light, mood, texture, and feeling. Not only have I fallen in love with being in the mountains, but it's heightened my appreciation of beauty in profound ways, and a through its unique culture, instilled in me deep revere for traveling.

Inspired by…

  • People who follow their passion and make their dreams come true :)

Favorite Genres

  • Landscape, Nature, Timelapse, Beauty, Music, Love

Favorite Films

  • Lord of The Rings, Once, Garden State, Planet Earth, The Notebook, Pride and Prejudice, James Bond, Slumdog Millionaire, Star Wars, Inception, Timescapes, Samsura