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Multi-lingual Producer/Writer/Director Shari Yantra Marcacci was born in Switzerland and has traveled extensively all over the world. Shari began her career as a classical dancer but due to severe back problems had to stop dancing. She chose to study law at Zurich University. During her law studies she missed the world of the arts, so in 2001 she moved to Berlin where she started working on experimental video projects and taking acting classes. Shari had always had a link to the world of movies through her work at the Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland.

In 2003, Shari moved to Los Angeles, where she studied Editing and
Photography at UCLA and directing/screenwriting/ editing at the Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood. Her first short film, “ROOM 411, The thin Line between Mania and Depression,” was in the official selection of the Trieste Film Festival, Italy. In the year she studied at the Los Angeles Film School, Shari worked on the script and production of her thesis film “Nightshift”.
“Nightshift” has been in the official selection of 14 film festivals in the
US and in Europe. “Nightshift” was sponsored by the Swiss Cultural Department.

Shari co-wrote the documentary “An African Election” which was in the World Documentary Competition at the Sundance Film Festival 2011 and film festivals all over the world. “An African Election” has won several awards and has been released theatrically in the UK and USA. “An African Election” was nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards 2012 in the Best Documentary category.

Her most recent short film “Der Fisch”, which she has directed and produced stars Russian star Oleg Vidov.

In 2012 Shari produced the feature film “Who Killed Johnny”, starring Swiss well-known actors Melanie Winiger, Carlos Leal and Max Loong and directed by Yangzom Brauen. "Who Killed Johnny" was shot in only 8 days with a mini budget. The film was financed through private sponsors and Kickstarter and is going to be released in Spring 2013.

Currently, Shari is rewriting her first feature film “Flores”, which she is going to direct and she is producing the short film “Brulures” starring Carlos Leal and directed by Christophe Vauthey.

Favorite Genres

  • Drama, drama, drama!