Sheffield Adventure Film Festival  


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Sheffield, UK
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We hold an annual festival in Sheffield, UK and year-round programme of events in cinemas, outdoors and online that celebrate the best new adventure films from around the world. We aim to inspire the ShAFF community to seek your own adventures, challenge yourselves and take action to protect the environments we adventure in.

Inspired by…

  • With its unique combination of people and place, Sheffield has shaped our character. Our home is a city with a national park within its boundaries, a heritage of rebellion, access to wild places, and world class outdoor sports.

Favorite Genres

  • Adventure - to us that means human endeavour outdoors and commitment in the face of the unknown. Rock, mountain, water, air, adventurers are not afraid to take on a challenge. Alongside the adrenaline there is room for reflection, as adventurers we respect the people we adventure with and the environments we adventure in.

Favorite Films

  • We scour the world for the best new adventure films and curate them into programmes that are surprising, energetic, challenging and uplifting. From one minute long to feature length, the films we choose reflect the diversity of the outdoor experience, giving a window into other places, people, and perspectives as well as our own. Adventures include ocean crossings, mountain climbing, high adrenaline and big tricks, alongside quieter moments of contemplation and unexpected discoveries.