Sergio García Locatelli

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Madrid, Spain
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Graduated from the Universidad de Lima with a degree in Communications. Received a diploma from the Instituto del Cine de Madrid for direction and screenplay writing in documentary film. Completed a Master of the Arts in Cinematographic screenplay writing from the Escuela de Escritores de Madrid. Directed the documentaries It’s in your Eyes ( best documentary in Toluca Film Festival, public award in Latin-American Film Festival of Trieste and one of the best Spanish short films of 2011 for Caimán cuadernos de cine (Spanish movie magazine). Also directed Periferias Interiores ( best Documentary at Ojo al Sancocho Film Festival and aired in TVE Spain special program Perú Audiovisual of the prestigious video art TV show Metrópolis, 9546 km. now starting the festival cycle at the American Documentary Film Festival and Fund in Palm Springs USA, El fin de la Vida (, in postproduction, and Take a Walk (, in its developing stage. An associate of the Spanish production company Quechua Films since 2007. Founder and Commissioner of A look to the South, A Peruvian Film Festival ( in diverse European cities like Madrid, Budapest and Barcelona for more than 7 years.

Inspired by…

  • Robert Flaherty, Patricio Guzmán, Eduardo Coutinho, Glauber Rocha, Jorge Prelorán, Manuel Chambi, Jean Rouch.

Favorite Genres

  • Documentary, Mockumentary, Direct Cinema, Cinema Verité

Favorite Films

  • Shoa, Salvador Allende, La trinchera luminosa del Presidente Gonzalo, Compañero Presidente, Acta General de Chile...