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  1. Intelligent Design

    Intelligent Design

    Intelligent Design dives into the age-old question as to where we come from. What if the answer has been right in front of us the whole time? What if a simple math ratio could answer these questions ...

  2. Interconnected


    There is something bigger than all of us that may be pulling the strings of consciousness.

  3. 1903


    Josh Heard and his team are investigating the legend of a monster that terrorized the small community of Van Meter, IA back in 1903. What the team finds leaves them absolutely terrified.

  4. A Brush With Evil 2

    A Brush With Evil 2

    The A Brush With Evil Team comes back for another installment. This time, all bets are off as they have no idea what they just signed up for.

  5. A Brush With Evil 3

    A Brush With Evil 3

    A team of paranormal investigators split themselves apart by 150 miles to try an experiment that could definitively prove if group dynamic has anything to do with potential activity obtained.

  6. Longthorn


    Something strange is going on inside the woods...

  7. A Brush With Evil

    A Brush With Evil

    A group of paranormal investigators return to one of the most active locations they have ever encountered to confront an evil force that has plagued them all for over a decade.

  8. Into The Light 2

    Into The Light 2

    A continuation of Into The Light involving the evolution of a new theory...

  9. Yes No Goodbye

    Yes No Goodbye

    Join independent filmmakers as they try and answer the age old question on whether Ouija boards actually work or not.

  10. Strait Up

    Strait Up

    Strait Up: The Lost Art of the Approach. In early 2018, an unlikely team of 2 Americans and 2 Australians became the first to combine kayaking and rock climbing in a crossing of the Bass Strait.