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    The Hidden History of Antarctica

    Is the frozen continent of Antarctica home to an advanced civilization in possession of extraterrestrial technology? Explore these hidden secrets and startling revelations to decide for yourself!

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    The Hidden History of Antarctica

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    The Hidden History of Antarctica

    The frozen continent of Antarctica has always been shrouded in mystery. Nazi expeditions in the 1930's have aroused speculation about whether a surviving faction of the Third Reich set up bases miles under the ice. Were these scouting missions to build an ultra-advanced 'Secret Space Program'? Submarine maps have since emerged, giving precise directions leading to ‘Agartha’. What did the Germans know? Then there is the mysterious Admiral Byrd expedition in 1947, known as 'Operation Highjump', which still remains elusive. Was Admiral Byrd escorted to 'Inner Earth' by Aryan representatives?

    In this extensive workshop, Dr. Michael Salla synthesizes a wealth of historical data, factual evidence, and recent revelations from military whistleblowers. Is Antarctica home to an extraterrestrial civilization in possession of advanced technology? Was an ancient Stargate found under Pre-Adamite ruins, deep beneath the ice? Does the 1513 Piri Reis map depict Antarctica's shoreline, before it was frozen over? Could this be the lost continent of Atlantis? Fasten your seat belt for one of the most extraordinary presentations ever, about the little known history of Antarctica!

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