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La Rochelle, France
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I was born in the harbor town of La Rochelle, France in 1982.
My passion for surfing and filming came during my childhood, around 1998, in my home harbor town of La Rochelle. We were a group of friends surfing on the islands around La Rochelle, filming each other for fun with my dad’s VHS video camera.

Once in college, we all followed the thruster and digital movement without really trying anything else — it was trendy:you had to surf a thruster and digital camera to be cool. After a few years of riding thruster in a place where the waves were weak most of the time, I got frustrated. So I looked into the options available in terms of surfboard shapes. I realized that many traditional kinds were still available and that some independent shapers around the globe never actually stopped making them — longboards, hollow wooden boards, alaias, bellyboards, handplanes, twin fin and single fin — so many beautiful surfcrafts that we could use in different conditions, and have a lot of fun.

So from the age of 21, I traveled for a few years , meeting some amazing individuals from different countries, individuals who were really passionate and involved in the culture by making things with their own hands. That was when I decided to make a film. The internet helps them a lot by giving them a platform to show their work, but I wanted to help even more. And that’s where my inspiration came from for the production of Behind The Tide

Inspired by…

  • Thomas Campbell, Dane peterson, Bruce Brown, Jason Baffa.

Favorite Films

  • Endless summer, One California day, Bella Vita, Sprout, The present, The heart and the sea, Evolution.