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I am an Actor, Author, CEO and Children's Advocate and a Real Life Superhero. I became DangerMan the Urban Superhero in 1998 and I have been changing the game ever since.

Inspired by…

  • I am inspired by God who wakes me up everyday and allows me to do what I do, inspire others to live their best life especially our children. Everybody loves a Superhero, and I Love to save the day! Save the Children!

Favorite Genres

  • Being a Black Superhero, I love action adventure and crime dramas and then comedy. I have created the DangerMan Chronicles which we hope will one day be a staple on cable television.

Favorite Films

  • My favorite films are Shaft, Super Fly, Love and Hip Hop, Sleepless in Seattle,The Body Guard, The Matrix, The Dark Knight and Ray. I love movies that have people in them that look like me, African American.