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New York, NY
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Catherine Taormina is a 17+ year NYC creative working within many areas of the arts. Fun, energetic & very upbeat, she is a member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA. Stage, film & video production credits include playing Olympia Dukakis’ character as a younger woman in the Paul Reiser film “The Thing About My Folks” as well as roles in short films, industrials, spec commercials and off-off broadway shows. Catherine has an extensive behind the scenes film and theater resume, most recently in costume and sound departments enjoying directing, camera work and video editing the most. Taormina performs as a singer-songwriter-guitarist-pop-rock funk-punker using the name Rockstar Sissy. She is the composer of 23 fun, danceable, groovin’, catchy songs and performs solo or with a band - most recently with her husband Nick Addeo on bass. She composed the song “I’m Too Young For This” for the organization Stupid Cancer/I2Y, is author of a book of poetry entitled “Chalkboard With A Bad Eraser” and also has a handmade book entitled “My Steaks Are Rare Put Up Your Dukes You Ain’t In The Ring With No Porkchop”. Taormina is an environmental steward and a conscious consumer. Buying green electricity for more than 15 years and composting are some of her favorite contributions as well as repurposing tchotchke and colorful remnants into dazzling artwork - look out for her highness and her artwork featured in the upcoming work of renown fine art photographer Illona Swarc. When she is not busy organizing, doing, creating artwork, or working in the fabric arts, Taormina goes for a 4 mile run in Central Park, jump ropes, and goes from one assignment to the next by bicycle and more recently citibike! To keep in contact with her find her on facebook, twitter and instagram! For more information and fun video clips visit her website

Inspired by…

  • This is a music video for my song "Why Did You Have To Disappear?" Using iMovie, PicoOpicStudios, greenscreen and some royalty-free graphics, I created and shot all the footage, some of which is from 4 years ago when I started filming. I stayed true to my storyboard and was glad I made one! This is the second music video I have made. Now let's get Pop-Rock-Funk-Punkin'!

Favorite Films

  • What About Bob?, American Splendor