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1990 was a fruitful year for the human race as a new generation of budding media talent buy was born. Soulja boy, Hermoine Granger, Bruce Springsteen's son, the poon out of Twilight. None however showed more promise than a young man raised in Chain Valley Bay, a secluded and therefore possibly dangerous town on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Roberts James Sherwood (or Robert Sherwood for short) discovered the world of videography mid-puberty, around 14 years old. He took great satisfaction in producing home movies of his two older brothers and their bodyboarding orientated lifestyle. So much satisfaction that he quit school the following year to persue more rewarding ambitions in and around the ocean.

A breif yet successful foray into still photography during 2008 saw Robert's work showcased in some of the best bodyboarding magazines in the world. Despite these accomplishments he still longed for a more dynamic and flexible creative outlet which became the driving force behind his first full length film entitles 'Nothing', released early 2010.

Rob is now studying a Bachelor of Film Production at the SAE Institute in Byron Bay and dedicates his time and unwavering initiative to freelance projects, dog fighting and Lyfe.

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