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Rob Chiu is a self-taught film-maker, crafting himself hasn’t been a linear pursuit, he is well known for his photographic, film and graphic work, and has often blurred the boundary's between them to produce an original and emotive hybrid form.

Some of these techniques can be seen in his shorts Things Fall Apart and hand drawn Black Day To Freedom, both reflect the style of approach that he learned to adapt at the beginning of his career, using a combination of photography and animation that allowed him to flare emotion into film that far exceeded the technical capabilities he was restricted to at the time. Using photographs and multiple layers, he would split them onto different levels in 3D, and the result chronicles the first glimpses of Rob’s emerging style. Like any good artist’s work his style has inevitably moved on and evolved, so the very gritty, bleached out look – that begun with Fear/Love has softened.

The Division of Gravity perhaps demonstrates this progression most aptly. The essence of Rob’s themes are still very prominent, and it is still very visual, yet there is a more natural appearance. The film also demonstrates the growing maturity of Rob’s storytelling which elevates the work, and makes him a filmmaker worth paying attention to.

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