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Ryan is an independent film producer working in Wilmington, North Carolina. He has previously produced three short films— The Night Timers, Bluejay, and The Disposable Generation. Following a stint with the non-profit media-engagement organization Working Films, Ryan began working as Outreach Coordinator for the Cucalorus Film Festival in 2012. Currently, Ryan serves as the Communications Manager for the festival— an annual showcase of more than 200 films highlighting bold, innovative filmmaking from an incredible list of multi-media entrepreneurs. A graduate of UNC-Wilmington, Ryan utilizes his educational background in Finance and Film Studies as he continues to build a thrilling path towards independent producing and distribution. Ryan’s interests lie in narrative film, hybrid film, narratology, reflexivity, french cinema and film-going. Some strong contemporary favorites/influences include P.T. Anderson, Michael Haneke, Richard Linklater and Todd Solondz.   

Inspired by…

  • P.T. Anderson, Michael Haneke, Richard Linklater, Todd Solondz, Noah Baumbach

Favorite Genres

  • narrative, self-reflexivity, hybrid

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