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I studied math back in Georiga and served three honorable years in the US Air Force before taking the leap of faith with film. It's been my truest passion since I was a wee lad, so after separating from Uncle Sam's military, I packed my car full of clothes and headed out to Utah. No friends, no family, just a GI Bill and a letter of acceptance to the film program at the University of Utah. Three years later, I have a beautiful wife and I'm committed to a life of creating films to change the world! I want to see groups of all sizes have access to quality, positive content; I want to see men fight passivity, stop isolating themselves, and be model husbands and fathers and outspoken in their communities. I want leaders to stand in the gap and lead by example, and I want clean water for the world over.

Inspired by…

  • Salomon Ligthelm, Philip Bloom, Robert Rodriguez, people who believe in something so passionately, they would die for that cause

Favorite Genres

  • Drama

Favorite Films

  • Braveheart, Les Mis (Liam Neeson), How To Train Your Dragon, Life of Pi, The King's Speech