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Atlanta, Georgia
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PCM Productions LLC is a full service innovative company that strives to create inspiring content of film, stage, and creative literary projects as well as special events for speaking seminars.

Our goal is to implement the three core value of PCM LLC:

1. Professionalism in customer service and in the delivery of completed order/project.
2. Commitment to instill ethical standards during the phases of completion of your order and provide honest feedback on the project progress.
3. Dedication to provide over several years of experience to each order and/or project.

Company history

The PCM LLC specialization in creative writing, directing, screenwriting, and screenplays. The PCM LLC staff have specialization in project management in relation to various industries striving for excellence in the marketplace.

Inspired by…

  • Those that paved the way for future generations, such as, this to creative positive elements to influence others within a healthy capacity.

Favorite Genres

  • History, Drama, Action, Romance, Family Oriented, Comedy

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