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Company Overview

Tag Line: “Great Stories Live Here”
15 Words

Reelhouse is a direct-to-consumer distribution community designed specifically for superior digital film experiences

45 Words

Reelhouse is an online video community that provides filmmakers complete control to self-distribute content directly to their viewers. Filmmakers access the latest monetization, social and showcasing features which in turn engage viewers in what Reelhouse is setting as the new standard for online viewing experiences.

75 Words

Reelhouse is an open video sharing platform dedicated specifically for quality entertainment content. The platform offers a comprehensive toolset for filmmakers to self-distribute and market their content while providing a far more engaging experience for their viewers. The toolset includes various monetization, customization and social tools to help filmmakers build their fan base. Reelhouse is a vibrant community and as a destination site also embeds a range of features specifically for viewers to facilitate discovery, ease of access, sharing and curation.

150 Words

Reelhouse’s distribution platform connects viewers and creators directly, unlocking unprecedented film experiences. Rather than a traditional retailer treating and delivering film as a commodity, Reelhouse specializes in the future needs of the digital film consumer by providing a customizable service for filmmakers. Interactive components, creator posts, physical/digital merchandising, extras etc. can all be controlled and bundled in various ways by the film creators themselves. Such features not only create a more compelling storytelling experience, but also allows the filmmaker to increase the value of both EST and VOD in addition to unlocking new monetization streams. As the vibrant destination site of endless filmmakers distributing their work within this marketplace, Reelhouse’s viewer community allows for a meaningful discovery network. Follow your favorite friends, curators or creators to discover new stories. Follow a new film to stay updated as more content becomes available before or after the actual film is released.

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Quotes & Testimonials

From our community:

We’re looking forward to being a part of the Reelhouse community, as it gives us an incredible opportunity to self-distribute our work directly to our fans. The ability to actively engage with your audience is absolutely essential for filmmakers and Reelhouse offers some incredible ways to do just that.

Joseph Beyer

Director of Digital Initiatives for Sundance Institute
Reelhouse is a dynamic new toolset to reach new audiences and access additional revenue streams. Artists are in total control of key elements like presentation look and feel, pricing and geographic filtering.
I have a great deal of respect for those who allow their stories to find their way into an audience, allow it to expand and evolve on its own, so to speak. What I've learned about Reelhouse is that you're driven to create an environment aiding in that expansion and evolution. That inspires me to collaborate.

Kevin Ostenad

I produce, shoot, write, edit/everything from start to finish and feel social media outlet where people have easy access to view/purchase/download a film to all devices and have simple access to behind the scenes, news updates, merchandise, is a perfect model for me.

Jamie Heinrich

I'm Me
What first attracted me is the ability to customise the experience and to have additional videos and photos, as I have a few behind-the-scenes videos and a lot of behind-the-scenes photographs, so it's great to have a digital place for that stuff.

Gavin Strange

Reelhouse provided us with a single platform to showcase beautiful, downloadable video to fulfill Kickstarter pledges and seek new followers/consumers, as well as provide a storefront and create an environment where people can really "get to know" the film and the team behind it.

Jennifer Serena

The Muir Project
A few points make me like Reelhouse, quality of the video, interface aesthetics, ability to focus on the project by combining all the data relating to it, ability to monetize or ask donation.

Angelo Pecere

Ghosts of Speed
Clean look and feel of site with a focus on helping independent filmmakers monetize their ideas. The general support, outreach to independent filmmakers is very welcoming/thoughtful.

Sergio Salgado

Practice & Space
Reelhouse is a site that offers creatives space to express themselves, as well as a respectful environment. We looked at the site carefully and decided wholeheartedly that Reelhouse is a genuinely nurturing platform for independent filmmakers.

Ben Woodiwiss

Benny Loves Killing
I use Reelhouse because of their thoughtful approach to digital delivery. Digital delivery is upon us but there are yet to be any clear leaders, especially when it comes to monetization and promotion. Reelhouse is addressing these needs in a way that is particularly beneficial to the beginner indy film maker. They also understand the value of a customizable and engaging online platform and have done an excellent job developing a such an interface.

Matt Brass