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Valdosta, GA
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PassionArt Creations was founded by Jamescia Robinson. Jamescia is a well-respected photographer, Directer, Filmer, Writer, etc located in Valdosta, GA. She started as a photographer and later branched off into videography, shooting music videos of local artist around the community. Jamescia is the true definition of hard work. She had an urge to further her craft. She began to teach herself the various tips and tricks of the photography and film world. She went countless nights without sleep honing herself into a proficient editor, screen writer, producer, videographer and director. Driven by an intense passion to succeed and having the fearlessness to take on any project, she produced some amazing photos and videos throughout the course of her career. Knowing what it's like to not have people cut you a break, she is willing to work with any budget, only if the budget is reasonable. With her never ending hunger for art and a humble attitude, one would be hardpressed to find a more dedicated individual behind the camera than Jamescia.

Inspired by…

  • James Cameron
  • Benny Boom
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Alex Nazari and many more....

Favorite Genres

  • All Genres but more so Drama & Comedy.

Favorite Films

  • The classics such as Baby Boy, Hunger Games, Love & Basketball, Twilight (Full Series), The Wood.