Darren W. Conrad

SAG-AFTRA Writer, Producer, Actor  


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Charlotte, North Carolina
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SAG-AFTRA Writer, Producer, Actor. 27 Years to date serving in N.C. State Law Enforcement. Born and raised in Gastonia, North Carolina. Ex-High School and Collegiate Football Player. Retired Competitive Softball Player after 30 Seasons. Married since 2004 and now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Inspired by…

  • Martin Milner. Jack Webb. Bill Bixby. Howard E. Rollins.

Favorite Genres

  • Drama. Police Drama. Inspirational Sports Films.

Favorite Films

  • All the Right Moves. Rocky Films. The Natural. Dragnet. In the Heat of the Night. Top Gun. Police Story. Adam 12. Miami Vice.

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