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I am a Mexican woman in the United States, I am a very creative person and can't stay idle! I love music, movies and good books, I love coffee and cooking so I blog about it all, I am a wife and a stay-at-home mom! and everything I do I do it with love for God and my family.

Favorite Genres

  • Drama, Thriller, Musical, Family, Adventure, History, Sci-Fi, Biography, Romance

Favorite Films

  • Life is Beautiful, The Lord of the Rings, Left Luggage, Xizao (Shower), The Way Home, Cinema Paradiso, Cinderella Man, The Hurricane, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Bourne, Gladiator, The Notebook, The Green Mile, A Knight's Tale, The Pianist, Braveheart, Forrest Gump, The Matrix, Minority Report, Schindler's List,