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We’re Order - a production company specialising in communicating concepts through animation and video. Our combined background in writing commercials, graphic design, film direction, video editing and motion graphics gives us a unique perspective from which to create
animation and video productions which communicate your ideas effectively.

We've worked with start-ups, big brands, and everything in between, and have lots of happy clients to show for it. Happy not just with our work, but also with our attitude to projects. We explain what we’re doing and why throughout the process and we always get things done in good time for the deadline.

Inspired by…

  • Airside, Rupert Ray, Shynola, Imaginary Force, Pixar, Sci-fi, Wes Anderson, Duncan Jones, MK-12, RBG6.

Favorite Genres

  • Sci-fi, documentary, 70s thrillers

Favorite Films

  • WALL-E, The Life Aquatic, Son of Rambow, Monsters, All the Presidents Men, Patton, A Bridge too Far, Inception, Moon, Everything is Illuminated.