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London, United Kingdom
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Ogo Okpue is a London based screenwriter, filmmaker and motion designer.

He currently splits his time writing screenplays, making short films and working for top broadcast and production companies in the UK as a motion designer with skills in motion graphics and 3d animation.

Born in northern Nigeria and raised in the south of the country, Lagos, Ogo always dreamt of a career in the arts and media. After completing a BSC computer science degree in nigeria, he came to the UK, where He graduated with an MA in digital film and animation from London Metropolitan university. From his 1st degree till date, he has provided creative services for global brands in diverse sectors such as telecommunications, finance, fashion, sports, entertainment etc mainly as a motion designer.

His short films have been nominated and screened at various UK festivals such as Promax UK, Crystal Palace Intl Festival, Creative Arts Festival, just to name a few

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