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Kevin is an actor, writer, director, and producer in Los Angeles, CA. PARK AND LYONS FILM SHOP is an independent film production company co-founded by Oestenstad, Tony Swansey, and Jono Matt. "When the lights of the cinema dim, when wondrous worlds and searching souls receive that first breath from the projector's pulse, humanity's unifying ritual takes flight. Every opportunity possible, we gently surrender ourselves to those journeys and to the transformative powers of stories on the big screen. At PARK AND LYONS FILM SHOP, we tirelessly weld the values of our midwestern brotherhood into each creative component and we diligently fasten them to the heart of the storytelling machine." PARK AND LYONS FILM SHOP: Drafting, Assembling, and Powering Story.

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  • My friends and my family are the "who" and their love is the "what".