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Gwen Gordon, M.A. has led a life of play starting on Sesame Street designing and building Muppets. Her escapades as a designer, consultant, and artist-in-residence include stints at the MIT Media Lab, Xerox PARC, IDEO, and San Quentin Prison. She’s also an Emmy award winning writer/creative director working on her first documentary, SERIOUSLY! A Movie about Play!

Inspired by…

  • Elmo's gumption, Thomas Berry & Brian Swimme's story of the universe, Joanna Macy's feisty wisdom, my nephew Otto's devious inventiveness, my pug Garbanzo's irresistibility, the golden pears in my yard, and my sweetie's morning voice...for starters!

Favorite Genres

  • creative documentaries, magical realism, anything that surprises and delights me.

Favorite Films

  • Most recently: Beginners, Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Artist

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