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Vancouver, Canada
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As a writer, director, producer, and editor, Brianne has established her niche in creating intelligent and awkward comedies about sex.
She first gained international recognition with her critically and commercially successful short, TROLLS (2009), which received an honorable mention at the Academy Accredited™ Clermont Ferrand Int’l Short Film Festival. Brianne naively thought this would be the last of three awkward sex comedies she directed while attending Emily Carr University in Vancouver, and Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. Alas, she created and wrote the webseries THE DANGERS OF ONLINE DATING about a sexual health nurse who signs up for online dating to quench her desires, and wrote and directed the short BEAT AROUND THE BUSH about a 75-year old widow with Alzheimer’s who decides it’s time to have her very first orgasm ever. Now she’s on board to keep making comedic series and films highlighting the flipside to “sexy”.
Brianne directed and produced the award winning comedy webseries YOUNG & RECKLESS co-created by writer Andrea Shawcross, and created, wrote, directed and produced the award comedy digital series THE DANGERS OF ONLINE DATING. Brianne looks forward to breaking in to that damn TV sphere, directing her first feature, and collaborating on more music videos in cinematic places.
Filmmaker Trivia: Brianne directed in first film in grade 11. The title, “Does the Fruit Taste Good?”. (We’ll let you ruminate on that one)