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Waterford, Ireland
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New Aims Productions was founded in 2010 by Amy Kirwan.

In 2006 Amy studied Film and Video production in St. John's Central College in Cork.

She moved to Waterford in 2008 where she worked on various projects from countless Music Videos for local and national bands, Corporate Videos for various businesses, Animations, Shorts and Features.

New Aims Productions is Apple certified in Final Cut Pro 7 and offers a variety of professional Production and Editing services from:

Music Videos
Corporate Videos
Commercial Video
Web videos
Shorts and Features

Inspired by…

  • I love Labyrinth and David Bowie is a Legend!
  • Anything and some by: Baz Luhrmann, Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, James Cameron, George Lucas, Billy Wilder, David Lynch, Coen Brothers, Kevin Smith, Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Oliver Stone, Hitchcock, Spike Lee, Rodriguez, Edgar Wright, Peter Jackson, Robert Zemeckis, Andy Warhol, Michael Haneke, John Carpenter, Michael Bay, Mel Brooks, Roman Polanski, Jean Luc Godard.

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