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    Wingmen Incorporated

    After being left at the altar, a jaded psychologist reluctantly forms a company that teaches desperate men how to pick up women at local hot spots by teaching them the tools he learned while getting ...

    TRAILER: Wingmen Incorporated

    Uploaded Sep 17, 2014
    This is the trailer to our latest film Wingmen Incorporated (2013, 76 minute comedy)

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    Wingmen Incorporated

    Directed by Jason W. Schaver 2013 76 min

    TRAILER: Wingmen Incorporated

    Uploaded Sep 17, 2014
    This is the trailer to our latest film Wingmen Incorporated (2013, 76 minute comedy)

    This bundle features all 3 of our award winning feature comedies: The Truth About Average Guys (2009), S.O.L. (2011), and Wingmen Incorporated (2013).

    76 minute film, trailers to all our award winning comedies, bloopers, sober commentary, drunken commentary.

    Everything from the Bundle package + 2 short sketches + extended versions of 2 scenes + Butt Stuff comedy album + outtakes + Larry's Tattoo Story + DR

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    Wingmen Incorporated

    Things are looking up for Justin Tanner (Ken Gayton). He has a great job as a therapist and he's about to marry the love of his life. That is until the love of her life shows up unexpectedly at the wedding after being a P.O.W. for over a year. As she rushes into the arms of man she thought she lost, Justin is devastated.

    After a couple weeks of getting therapy from his 8 year old patient, Justin is forced to take some time off. His best friend Stevenson (Jason Schaver) takes him out to a local bar to cheer him up by getting him laid. This is where he learns about Justin's gift, which is really just his psychology education, but to Stevenson it's the most amazing ability known to man.

    After weeks of going out night after night and getting laid, Justin is exhausted and has to go back to work. He jokingly tells Stevenson if he wants to continue to go out all the time he needs to find a way to get paid for it. Taking it literally, Stevenson, who is a self proclaimed "Social Media Expert", finds a group of socially inept men that are more than willing to hand over the $$$ in order to learn the art of being a successful Wingman... and thus Wingmen Incorporated is born!

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