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Toronto, ON
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MISSADVENTURES is an all-girls travel show crew from Toronto. It’s hosted by three fun-loving 20-something year olds: Steph Chong, Ellie Geronikolos, and Hannah McLean, and is shot & edited by Kathleen Espiritu.

Unlike most travel shows, we don’t pack up and leave for months or years. We want to make traveling accessible and doable for girls our age who have full-time jobs and limited budgets. We want to urge them to skip the all-inclusive beach vacation and travel to more exotic places. We do it with humour and style, but still provide valuable tips along the way.

Combined we’ve been to over 35 countries, so we consider ourselves to be seasoned travellers. Still we always find ourselves in situations any newbie traveler would encounter. That’s when we keep the cameras rolling! We show the stuff that happens between the sights and excitement – getting lost, not understanding the native language, a horrible hostel experience, getting robbed – you know, the unexpected missadventures.

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  • Departures

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