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Brooklyn, New York
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Demedrius Charles is a St Lucian born Writer, Director, Poet and Producer. He has to his credit three shows made for television, and two Off-Broadway productions. Three of his stand out works are “Broken,” "Ascension I Am Not My Mother," available on Vimeo On Demand , web-series "The D Matzzis" coming to YouTube and in Production, The Dis-illusionist.

Charles has Written and Produced the play "Le Chateau" which played at the Paul Robeson Theater in Brooklyn and "Matters of the Heart" at the American Theater of Actors in Manhattan. Demedrius does not believe in “obstacles.” He asserts that his calling is to write and produce films that will serve to keep his fans coming back.

Mr. Charles has set his sights on some very exciting and audacious projects in the future. He gathers that this year is going to be his breakthrough year and has started to pursue acting by taking on small cameos in his films to help him relinquish his fear of performing in front of an audience. To his credit, Demedrius has written three poetry collections; “Shades of Emotions,” “Tainted Souls,” and “Dancing with the Imagination,”. He has also started this new and exciting project “Poetry Xpressed” a compilation of one minute poetry in motion videos aimed at moving his fans not with just pretty words but visually.

Demedrius Charles was the recipient of the St.Lucia House Foundation Creative Arts Award for 2015 and also garnered an Achievement Award from The Piton International Film Festival for his Movie Ascension I am Not My Mother earlier that year.

Inspired by…

  • I am inspired by Life and its many different surprises

Favorite Genres

  • Thrillers, Action and Drama