Mark F. Martino

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Kirkland WA
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While working as a scene programmer on the classic comedy adventure game "Leisure Suit Larry," I turned one of my game designs into a novel and the novel into a screenplay. After 15 years of pitching projects, I decided to produce and sell my videos directly to viewers like you.

Inspired by…

  • Tina Fey is my hero. Her work uses all the tools of comedy. I love her approach to producing. I also look for guidance in the work of Rob Reiner, Ryan Reynolds, Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, and Garry Ross. Roger Corman is a big influence. Like me, he was an electrical engineer who turned to producing movies.

Favorite Genres

  • I live mostly on a diet of light comedy and crazy action movies. I'll watch a drama or thriller if I like the subject or actors. Subjects that rope me in are escapes, capers, heists, time travel, techno fiction, and fantasy.

Favorite Films

  • The Sure Thing, Captain America - First Avenger, Big Trouble, Galaxy Quest, Seabiscuit, Stripes, Role Models, The Rocker, The Accountant, King Arthur - Legend of the Sword, A Few Good Men, Hunt for Red October, Black Hawk Down, Tin Cup, Lake Placid