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I am elderly woman, interested in many things, enjoy learning about our lands and the native folks . The different tribes, I have several friends that are Navajo, some are Cheyenne, I have a daughter-in-law that is cheyenne, I meant a ponco I believe its spelled that way they live close to Norfolk Ne. this is where my mother is from and was raise so its nice to know them. I was raised in Omaha ,Ne, then Moved to Lincoln in 1962 with a husband Whom is gone now but he, was from ohio his mother was cherokee, , Wonderful people. I raised 5 children on my own after my husband died, he was a Trucker, but all is well and children have lives of their own. I know live alone in a mobile home so will see how it goes. thanks for lettting me join

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  • People that talk about the energy of space and how the earth is doing and how it is being destroy by so many rich greedy folks so sad. I lover to listen to the powwows I don't live far from Idian center where they help with food also have powwows there they are beautiful, this is where i met a bearkiller family and I don't exactly remember her first name but he one son use to hang at my house with my sons, he is still coming around checks on me Mike Bearkiller is a very kind person and helps when he has time

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  • Dancing with Wolves, Trail of tears, Last of mohicans,,Windtalkers, War of the worlds, Somewhere in time, Bury my heart at wounded knee, Sioux City, Crazy house,, Geronimo,, Battle of little bighorn, Aliens all 3 of them, Titanic,

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