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Miami Beach,FL
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I am aspiring director,residing in Miami Beach.
I've been working in video production,over 10 years.
I have experience starting with camera,dp,lighting,sound,editing,producing and directing.I worked mostly in digital world(i know how to operate pretty much any digital camera) ,but i had some experience with super 8mm and 16mm film in the past.I did all kind of projects during my career,from very low budgets to bigger budgets,from corporate to music videos,to short films .
I own my company called E-Motions Films.

Inspired by…

  • Some of my favorite directors are: Luc Besson, Wachowski Siblings,Martin Scorsese,Quentin Tarantino,James Cameron,Stanley Kubrick,John Turturro,Emir Kusturica,Ang Lee,Peter jackson,George Lucas, Kar Wai Wong,Tony Gatlif, actor Louis DeFunes, just to name a few.

Favorite Genres

  • I appreciate a good film of all genres ,as long as it's done well and have a good story to tell.

Favorite Films

  • Avatar,Inception,The Adjustment Bureau, Matrix,The 5th Element,Gadjo Dilo,(aka Crazy Stranger),Eyes Wide Shut,K-Pax,Happy Accidents,Pay it Forward,Chunking Express,Black Cat,White Cat,etc