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Logs Leisure Entertainment was officially founded in 2007 by film producers Andrew Balog and John Balog to produce powerful motion picture and television productions. Creating all original content we initiate and produce feature films and television production that are visually beautiful and enjoyable.

As a collaborator, we take great pride providing a friendly and warming film making experience to our partners and workers. To accomplish this we work closely with our partners from the outset to maintain a shared creative vision and mutually agree in advance the role that best achieves this.

Whether its co-producing, executive producing or service provider, Logs Leisure prides itself on working closely with its partners and co-producers.
Logs Leisure Entertianment passion and goal remains the same today as it was when the owners first entered the business: create, produce and enjoy.

In addition to motion picture, Logs Leisure Entertainment also includes divisions such as: Leisure Sound and music which focus on post-production sound and film score.

Inspired by…

  • George Lucas

Favorite Genres

  • Action, Drama, Horror, Romance

Favorite Films

  • Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Alone