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Lenny has stated he loves to make films, his mission is to become a working, productive international movie producer. Motivated after reading many books on self-development the American Industrial Revolution, from the early 19th century, James Allen and Orson Swet Martin authors for The New Thought movement, his main goal was to work on his character and become successful no matter what it took. He has also stated that his dream of becoming an action star will never die, so he also acts and does stunts in some of the movies he produces. To give himself the best chance to attain these goals, he decided to go to film school. He also loves his family deeply especially his mom, dad, and sister. Lenny also mentioned that he loves his dogs. His biggest role model is Mark Wahlberg, and dream is to be his protege or maybe to shake his hand one day.
Written by Starfox

Inspired by…

  • Japanese Anime, Stallone, Van-Dame, Baki the Grappler, Gungrave, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Wesley Snipes, Beyond The Pine, Drive

Favorite Genres

  • Action, comedy, suspense, thriller, non-fiction

Favorite Films

  • Heat, Drive, Beyond The Pines, Demolition Man, Cobra, Happy Gilmore, Dropzone, Timecop