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We come to you as Le Krewe Productions, a film and media company in which dreams come true. As artists and historians, we boldly stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us through their works of fiction, comedy, drama, horror, and, dare we say, romance. We set ourselves to be open minded in order to allow a wide array of art to surround and inspire us. The art is the motive, the motif, and the movement. So great was our passion that we knew we had to share it with all who would listen. From that day, a Krewe was formed; a Krewe that holds itself as equitable amongst all people. We ask all who share these ideas to reach out to us so that they too can hop aboard and set sail as a member of our dear Krewe. Together, Le Krewe Productions will rival the Argo itself with art the likes of which Nations all over the earth have yet to see. Sculptures so keen that the Greeks and Romans would hold feasts. Music so enrapturing that Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Debussy would roll over in their graves to hear such a sweet tune. Enfin, movies so vivacious that the Lumière brothers would proudly present. Pick up your paintbrush and come join with us, the Renaissance awaits you!