Kostis Charamountanis

Κωστής Χαραμουντάνης Film Director  


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Athens, Greece
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Kostis Charamountanis was born in Athens in 1994. He graduated as an actor from the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory in 2015. In 2016 he directed his first short film, "The Eye and the Brow", which participated in festivals in Greece and abroad. He has managed to win The Best Director Award at the ARFF (Around International Film Festival) in Berlin and the Audience Award at the TMFF (The Monthly Film Festival) in Glasgow. In 2017 he completed his second short "THE BEAST asleep" which now begins its journey around the world. At the moment, he is preparing to shoot a documentary based on a bizarre Greek custom that haunts the island of Skyros every year and he is also developing the script for a short film planning to shoot at the summer of 2018.