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Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Award-winning producer, Kia, was 12 years old when she became keenly aware of media’s possibilities to transform lives on a grand scale. After graduating from film school and moving to Los Angeles, she gained a deep understanding of all filmmaking aspects during her professional career as a camera assistant, telecine colorist and VFX Coordinator.

A born producer, Kia has a knack for creating bullet-pointed lists, budgeting, scheduling, coordinating and bringing creative people together to collaborate. She has a deep passion to shepherd a project from idea to screen in order to tell a story which informs, entertains, inspires and transforms people’s lives. Currently, she is putting her passions behind "Mile… Mile & a Half", a film that inspires adventures of all kinds.

Favorite Genres

  • Documentaries, Romantic Comedies, Historical Dramas, High-Spectical Musicals, Foreign Films, Classic Screwball Comedies, Transformational/Inspirational Films

Favorite Films

  • Always the one I am working on, Ju Dou, I Heart Huckabees, anything by Buster Keaton, Moulin Rouge, Almost Famous, Monsters Inc, anything by Zhang Yimou, Xanadu, The Thin Man series, Helvetica, and the list goes on...

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