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Theresa Demarest is a composer/producer /independent filmmaker for Joshua Records, LLC in Portland, Oregon. As producer/director of Keiko The Untold Story of the Star of Free Willy, Theresa brings to life her deep connection to Keiko’s story. Several years ago, during her recovery from breast cancer, she found solace in Keiko’s own recovery from captivity in a Mexican theme park to his rehabilitation tank at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Upon surviving cancer, and inspired by Keiko’s story of healing, she composed Keiko’s Dream, an instrumental piece that evokes the whale’s song through an eloquent guitar theme. Her piece evolved into Keiko’s Dream Tour, a ‘unique eco-rock road show’ that consisted of a series of concerts and environmental education presentations in schools and performance halls across Oregon in association with the Free Willy-Keiko Foundation.
This documentary film allows its viewers to pause and take a second look at Keiko’s strong will to survive and to explore his enormous embrace of his own freedom.It is by pondering his behavior in such powerful footage that viewers can see things about Keiko that perhaps they never took the time to consider before, and to really look at what The Free Willy-Keiko Foundation and all those directly involved were doing. I am interested in translating to the audience the ways in which the effort to release a captive whale into the wild did succeed, as well as examine the questions left unexplored.

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