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K4K Films are award winning writer and director Kevin Short, and Emmy Nominated videographer and editor Kathryn S Kraus. Following a successful career as an actor, a Royal National Theatre player, and a regular face on British Television, Kevin joined forces with Kathryn to form K4K Films. In recent years, they have completed three feature films (A Reel Life, Speed Love, Tom and his Zombie Wife), a number of Shorts (Devil Home, Tap of Life, Simphoney, Beachcombing) and a series of music videos (Hard Day’s Night, Three Steps to Heaven, Christmas Dreams, The World’s Gone Mad), many of which have been selected for the World Festival circuit.

Inspired by…

  • Independent film makers such as Hal Hartley, Alejandro Jodorowsky, George Romero, and many more, have been a constant inspiration. Anyone who stays true to their art and ideas is someone to be admired.

Favorite Genres

  • An eclectic mix of Horror, Zombie, Thrillers, Comedies, Suspense, Musicals, Documentaries, Sci-Fi, and anything original and offbeat.

Favorite Films

  • The list would be endless, but to name three: Bonnie and Clyde, Apocalypse Now, and Into the Wild. To name another three: Night of the Living Dead, The Wild Bunch, Once Upon a Time in the West. One final three of recent years: Birdman, Foxcatcher, La La Land (for the opening shot alone!)