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John Taylor and Elliott Crawford met whilst working in Medellin, Colombia. They were both interested in producing feature length documentaries of their own after working in various countries for several years and realising how the films they helped produce were being distorted to suit a certain agenda.

After returning to the UK From Colombia they set out for Ukraine in June 2014 to produce an unbiased portrayal of the devastating conflict that had raged since early 2014.

Inspired by…

  • The late Tim Hetherington has been an inspiration to them both due to the lengths he went to creating his films and the integrity with which he made them. Other notable inspirations are Bruce parry, Werner Herzog and Louis Theroux.

Favorite Genres

  • Everything from conflict documentary to the David Attenborough wildlife catalogue.

Favorite Films

  • Restrepo, Waltz with Bashir, Nightcrawler, Taken, This is spinal tap, The act of Killing, Toy Story 3 is also a great movie!

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