Joshua Leland Wirht

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Savannah GA
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Not much to say. I love movies, cars guns, and anything fun. I work and live in Savannah, GA. I work at Sit and Sleep Mattress with my 2 best friends I am the father of two awesome suns Leland and Henry. I have a beautiful wife named Lindsey. The things I love most in life are family friends and cars and everything else is after that. lol

Inspired by…

  • Im inspired by people that make a difference and people that get to do what they love and with the people they love. Passion is inspiring and contagious when I die I want people to say Josh was a passionate loving and giving person if that can not be said about me or about others then i feel I have or they have wasted there lives no matter how much money was made or what was owned or what was accomplished in life.

Favorite Genres

  • Just about all. Scifi is the top but I like almost anything and will give just about any movie a fare shake.