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John Bevilacqua is an American artist, writer, and director. John produced and made his feature film directorial debut, Boardwalk Poets, starring Daniel Baldwin and James Oliver. Boardwalk Poets played to record breaking audiences at the Syracuse Film Festival and was released in 18 countries around the world through York International Entertainment. In 2005 he unveiled his first solo art exhibition, “Drive, The Long Way Home, She Said” at the Melrose Lightspace Gallery in Hollywood. The following year he made his European debut with the solo exhibition “Sex, Identity, & Politics” at the famed Labrintho Gallery in Porto, Portugal. In 2007 wrote, starred in and directed the short film Infinite Sadness which played at the Silver Lake Film Festival in Hollywood. The following year he directed the short film, Love/Junkie, starring John Charles Meyer and Joanna Bartling. The following year along with Michael R. Morris, he developed the pilot for the television show “Silver Lake.” For this show, both John and Michael were nominated for “Best Writing” at the 2011 ITV International Television Festival awards. In 2012, John produced, wrote and directed the feature film, My Funny Valentine starring Tom Payne, Pippa Black, Jeff B. Davis and Brit Morgan and available worldwide via Filmworks Entertainment. In 2013 John wrote, produced, directed and starred in Day At The Beach which won “Best Picture” at the LA Neo Noir Film Festival.